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Scheme Specific Viability



DJC Housing Consultants can review the financial viability of specific schemes and their ability to support development costs, affordable housing, other planning obligations and the requirements of developers and landowners.


Our work in scheme-specific viability appraisals typically includes assessing financial information provided by the developer.


We aim to produce a detailed and critical assessment of the financial viability of a scheme in the form of a written report with background calculations as appendices which:


  • has regard to the current National and Local Planning Policy Context and the most up-to-date National Planning Policy Guidance,
  • has regard to the latest position on infrastructure locally and the current site circumstances,
  • tests the impact on overall financial viability of increasing amounts of affordable housing based on the District Council's preferred mix and tenure,
  • draws conclusions about the maximum level of affordable housing that the scheme can support and remain viable
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